Awempire Wife Cheating with BBC - Pure 18

Awempire Wife Cheating with BBC - Pure 18 play

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. I had my smoke wagon drawn ready to give someone an early grave but she was there and sighing I said “Move it Flo I ain’t got time for your shit” “I know I just found out you’re on the run from the lawdogs very smart smearing his face in piss” “Oh jesus christ Florence either you can help me or you can go” “I’ll help” “Good take these bags and Johnny Boy and get them on the train I’ll be there shortly” I said handing her my bags. “I took you as my own” “You made me into a thing a fr----“ “You say freak and I will walk out this room right now” “For good?” “Maybe” “You wouldn’t because you are connected to me” “So you think I care about that?” “I know you do because I also do” I replied pushing her

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“God I really hate it when you push” she remarked “I know honey” I smiled kissing her forehead.


I will start slow but this story has many chapters to it so be patient. Here I am 18 years old about to undress in front of 6 of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, was I nervous my face looked like a red apple tbc First Time Incredible Adult Scene Asian Great You've Seen Daddy Spooning. This is my first attempt at writing in this forum so constructive criticism is required a**holes are not
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